Saturday, August 13, 2011

Roz's Blog Recommendation

Roz recommended adding The Sartorialist blog to the list of blogs we link to (over on the right).  As it so often happens, as we discover things about new friends, this happens to be one of the blogs I follow, too.  So with a vote of 2, it's in.

As Roz said: A great blog: The Sartorialist - wonderful fashion from a fabulous
photographer who shoots "ordinary" people all over the world. Also people
send him vintage photos which are pretty great, too.

I love it because it's photography and the color, pattern combinations are always interesting.  Always.

Another way to think different art.

Blogger/Question note:  I'm happy to help with questions as best I can.  Another way is to google your question - often you'll find help that way - and probably more timely than my response.  This is how I've discovered how to do things on blogger.  Again - no pressure here - just information.  And, I'm happy to try to help!

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